What if you could work with your horse in a manner that created proprioception, balance and relaxation?

What if you could learn the ‘Why’ behind every action?

To become more still, less noisy and morse clear in your communication?

To create a partnership with your horse based on trust instead of fear?

Based on classical principles, I coach one on one lessons throughout the South West of WA and will travel to locations further out.

The first lesson is usually consultation of the horses posture and history, combined with some bodywork and to create a plan. From there we work on Inhand, improving the posture, stability and balance of the horse. When the horse can find self-carriage, we then move onto the ridden work (if desired).

This suits horses and owners of all experience and stages of education. It’s a very gentle way to start horses under saddle, rehab musculoskeletal issues, relaxes tense horses and caters to those riders after long term soundness with their horses.

If you are interested, I can be contacted through my Facebook page, linked below.