Collection Or Contortion?

By Gerd Heuschmann

Dr Gerd Heuschmann has previously authored the books ‘Tug or War‘ and ‘Balancing act‘ which are based around responsible riding, how some modern techniques affect the horse and their biomechanics.

In this book, Collection of Contortion? He discusses the art to attaining flexion and bend in the horse, in order to achieve a correct collection that encourages the long term well being and happiness of the horse.

At only 104 pages long, this book has many educational diagrams and explained photographs of various horses in motion. Dr Heuschmann shows that he had done his research with quotes from many of the Classical Masters such as Gustav Steinbrecht and Waldemar Seunig.

This book Collection or Contortion? is designed to be read by any horse owner that wishes to achieve self-carriage with their horse and understand the reasoning behind it.